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Keynote Speaking

Moving audiences from Collabor(h)ate to collaborGREAT with the help of relationship science

From Collabor(h)ate to CollaborGREAT: The counter-intuitive approach to building healthier collaborations

Deb’s signature talk provides professional audiences a fresh lens for thinking about and improving their workplace collaborations. Moving seamlessly between data, theory, and practice, Deb drops powerful truth bombs and truth balms about the possibilities and perils of workplace collaboration.

Individuals who attend this keynote will:


  • Understand the key interpersonal factors that give rise to exceptional collaborations;


  • Appreciate why improving relationship quality is sometimes ill-advised;


  • Learn practical steps that individuals, teams, and organizations can take to move from collabor(h)ate to collaborGREAT.


Interested in another topic? If you’re interested in hearing Deb speak about another topic, just ask. After over two decades of applying relationship science to helping people play better together, she has a lot to say.

“the ultimate scholar practitioner who walks the walk of collaboration”

“Deb’s deep familiarity with the…challenges of inter-institutional collaboration enabled her to quickly and accurately diagnose our needs, build rapport with stakeholders, and offer concrete solutions that supported our mission.”

Copy of BZ-Deb_Mashek_20190911-043-2.jpg

“[Deb] takes everyone seriously and pushes for clarity where needed. "


“positive, clear, engaging”

As an award-winning teacher and professor celebrated for her wit, presence, and clarity, Deb's unusual blend of humility and insight engages audiences, encourages openness, and motivates action.

“Her presence at the table was incredibly positive and warm and clearly saved us many heartaches and headaches, time, and money. I will not take on new collaborations without advice from Deb.”

"Thank you kindly for the time, insight, and infectious energy - such great stuff!"

Coming in 2022!

Just as very few of us ever receive any formal training in how to be an incredible spouse (or parent or friend), few of us ever receive any coaching in how to be an incredible collaborator.”

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